Office Automation

  • 「Time is money」is a well-known quote in the business world. Especially in an important meeting that any mistake or delay performance is not acceptable. With ECS, you can control everything in the boardroom from one fingertip such as; lighting, displays, microphones, speakers, HVAC, PC presentation, projector, screen and much more. ECS will help you make it easier to control all complicated equipment so that you don’t have any trouble or unnecessary concern with using them and confidently continue on your presentation.

Automation with Video Conference & Simultaneous Interpreting Systems

  • Office automation and video conference are powerful business solutions. They help you safe all the expense, cost and time in any scale of business. We will meet up each customer’s need, from small shop to executive boardroom, to increase the efficiency of your performance.

Distance Learning Systems

  • For the first time in human history, we are moving to the equality in education. Meaning that children who live in rural areas are able to receive the same education opportunities as those living in metropolitan areas. Students in Bangkok are able to virtually attend a class, interact with the teachers in Japan, the US, Europe, or anywhere in the world.

Automation wherever people meet

  • Have a look below at the sample of some places where people meet. Each places has different environment therefore ECS is able to produce whatever is required. Our ECS technology enables you to master your environment by yourself at any time with a simple touch. This top class system help you to perform with reliable high performance and save your cost and expenses.

Home Automation

  • Convenient and comfort become one at your home with our ECS, providing centralized control of lighting, HVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks for gates and doors, garden sprinklers and other systems. Moreover, this will increase energy efficiency, which is good for the environment and your pocket.