2015 Osaka
A/V system

Square Enix

As they were relocating their Osaka office, Square Enix brought in a new audio-visual system.

When Square Enix relocated their Osaka office in November 2015, the company that was working on the interior design of the new office referred them to AstroServe as a supplier of A/V systems. We had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Watanabe of Square Enix's general affairs department about the installation of the new system.

Projector in the "Sky Oasis," the company's employee break area

― Please tell us about the reasons why you chose AstroServe.

With regard to the contents of the proposals, we started by considering the extent to which the companies could reproduce what we had drawn up. On top of that, we had a set budget, so there was also the cost side. We also stressed the personality of the person who would be running the project. That was because, with our people being busy with the move to new offices, it would have caused a lot of stress if we had ended up with someone who couldn't understand the substance of what we were trying to say no matter how much we tried to explain it. When we considered all of those things, the end result was that we decided to entrust the job to AstroServe. (The content of AstroServe's proposal emphasized not only functionality, but also the design aspects. We also took great care to ensure that the overall cost of the project would be kept under control, such as by placing an added focus on direct communication and coordination with the project manager on the client's side and our other suppliers in order to minimize the man-hours associated with the installation work.)

― Have there been any changes since you started using the new A/V equipment?

Prior to this, we didn't have a large A/V system. The new one has proven very convenient. For example, with the in-office broadcasting system, we're able to set a chime to go off at a specific time in each different area, so that everyone now knows what time it is at all times. If there's an earthquake, we can now immediately make an announcement that's heard throughout the office. Also, every Wednesday, all of our employees finish work at 7:00 p.m., and we're able to play an announcement at a set time. In our "Sky Oasis" break area, we can now show movies and things like that on the projection screen, as well as hold meetings and other functions. We've also brought in a digital signage system, which is working well, and which we've been using more and more.

― Were you satisfied with the support provided by AstroServe staff?

We can find no fault with the work AstroServe did for us. I would say that AstroServe made 100 percent of what we asked for happen, and all with an understanding of our views. We also asked AstroServe to help with the expansion of our main Tokyo office after that, because of the results achieved in Osaka. Mr. Yagi, who was in charge of the project, is not only very capable from a technical standpoint, but is also a very understanding person. He has our complete confidence. (Since then, Square Enix has also entrusted us with work including the installation of A/V equipment at a satellite office, and the expansion of their Osaka office.) ●Square Enix Adress: Grand Front Osaka Ofuka-cho Kita-ku Osaka URL: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/

Mr. Watanabe, who graciously participated in this interview

A special input panel is provided, and the different cables are organized cleanly